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Tremolo, the "iconic" guitar technique of quick repeated notes made to sound like the long, sustained notes of other instruments. Conceptually it's easy enough. But, practically it does take a good amount of work to get things (in the words of my former mentor, Jeremy Sparks) light, loud, fast, and relaxed (and I'll add . . . even).

This seems to be the technique, at least in my experience, that most guitarists find irresistible. And for good reason, it's some of the most gorgeous and expressive playing we do, and when done well is absolutely mesmerizing. Here are exercises to help you up your tremolo game.

Tremolo repertoire will be included in Graded Exercises & Repertoire grades 5 and up so check back often!

acoustic classical guitar with strings.j

Tremolo exercises on all strings

Tremolo exercises using intervals

Thirds, sixths, octaves, and tenths

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