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Build Those Skills!

"How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? . . .

Put a page of music in front of them."

It's an old joke, but maybe it's not so far off the mark. Guitarists, as a group, are notoriously poor sight readers. Although some guitarists are exceptional readers, as a collective our sight reading skills pale in comparison to those of pianists, violinists, etc. Why? One reason is that the guitar is a tough instrument to sight read on. With multiple iterations of the same notes across different strings it can be hard to find the right position. Another reason . . . not enough sight reading material and not enough emphasis on sight reading. 

Here I have graded sight reading materials, from simple melodies and rhythms in familiar fretboard territory to multi-voiced works traversing the entire neck.

Be sure to check back regularly as things are added!

Sheet Music

Sight Reading I

Sight Reading II

Sight Reading III

Sight Reading IV

Sight Reading V

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