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Welcome to Savvy Guitar!

This site started as a resource for my students with just a few exercises and things we typically didn’t have time to cover during lesson time. But as more and more ideas flow, the site has continued to grow into what is turning out to be a comprehensive learning center for guitar.

A Work In-Progress - Some parts of the site are still in the works, so not to worry if something seems "un-clickable." I’m continuously adding material, so keep checking back!

At the center of everything is the Graded Repertoire and Exercise section (which will eventually reach Grade 20, so check back regularly!). This is my take on a comprehensive guitar method. Instead of presenting a repertoire-only or exercises-only collection each grade consists of a set of progressive exercises to develop all the necessary techniques and a collection of pieces to apply these techniques. These pieces also help build musicianship. There’s more repertoire than exercises in every grade because the goal of any musician is to make music. The idea is to “graduate” from each grade to the next, constantly expanding your skill set and repertoire along the way.

The other big sections in Savvy Guitar are the Fretboard Harmony and Sight Reading. These are areas I consider extremely important for every guitarist.

Spend some time exploring the rest of the site. There’s so much material for every aspect of playing that there’s definitely more than just a little something for everyone!

Also offered through Savvy Guitar are online lessons! For anyone looking for professional, focused, one-on-one instruction with the added convenience of doing it from home, or anywhere you like, message me to set up a free consultation to find the right lesson package for you!

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